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Since 1979 the Richardson Prep Centre has trained students and candidates to pass admission and professional examinations in graduate studies, law, and medicine. For each of its programs, Richardson Prep Centre merges original content with previously administered examinations, and teaches students and candidates time-proven test taking strategies. Over thirty years, thousands of students and candidates have relied on the Richardson Prep Centre innovative approach to strategic test taking, and many have gone on to successful careers in academia, law and medicine.


Tapas K. Pain is a partner of the firm Pain & Ceballos LLP, a registered patent agent in Canada and the United States, a licensed Ontario lawyer, and a (two-time) patentee in Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in toxicology and human biology, and a Master of Science degree in pharmacy. He has drafted and prosecuted patent applications covering pharmaceuticals, food products and related manufacturing equipment, musical instruments, dental ceramics and implants, heat exchangers, data transmission methods, projectile systems, electrical distribution networks, software, and business methods, in Canada and the United States. He has taught professionally for more than two decades. In 2004 he began formally developing a systematic approach to the Canadian patent agent exam, and passed the exam that same year. Since then he has privately counseled a number of agent trainees, with an average pass rate of over 7 out of 10. He is also the author of ‘Unlocking The Canadian Patent Agent Exam’ (ISBN 978-1-77084-251-0).